The Musical Wine Tour

in collaboration with LBV International and Agence Trinque.



What's it all about?

  • A private visit to ten of the demonstration rooms, where you will taste ten great wines to the sound of the best audio systems of the show. A unique epicurean moment.

When is it?

  • Friday, March 24th at 7 pm.


If I wish to arrive earlier and visit the show, is it possible?

  • Certainly and we encourage you to do so if you are available.

Do I have to buy a ticket for the Audiofest in addition to the Tour?

  • No, the entrance fee is included in the package.

Will I be able to taste all the wines?

  • Yes, you can taste the ten wines selected for the occasion.

How many rooms to visit?

  • There will be ten tasting rooms to visit.

How many people per group?

  • Groups of eight to ten people, each group will be accompanied by a sommelier.

How will you form the groups?

  • If you arrive as a couple or a small group, we will ensure you stay together. Single people will be added to the groups. Each person will wear a number identifying the group so that you can easily recognized your group.

Will the rooms be identified on the route?

  • Yes, there will be signage on the floor that will guide you to the rooms. The rooms will be identified by letters between A to J. You will be given a floor plan of the show and a list of the wines and exhibitors.

What time does it start?

  • People are asked to come to the Bonaventure room near the escalators at about 7:00 pm to form groups and distribute the instructions. The first presentation starts at 7:20 pm.

How much time is required?

  • Between 2 and 3 hours.

Will there be breaks?

  • There will be two breaks to go to the bathroom.

Is there any food included?

  • There will be hors d'oeuvres served in some rooms, and fresh artisan bread will be available in each room.

If I like a bottle of wine, can I buy it?

  • You may place an order with LBV staff on site.


The Montreal Audiofest is proud to present "The Musical Wine Tour" in collaboration with LBV International and Agence Trinque. A private tour of ten showrooms featuring high-end audio systems, each group of eight to ten participants is accompanied by its sommelier, who will make you taste ten great wines to the sound of music selected to pair your tasting. 

A unique epicurean moment.

This great activity costs $110, including admission to the Audiofest and will take place on March 24th starting at 7 pm. Please note that the value of the wines you will taste is equivalent to your ticket price. The number of participants for this activity is limited. Reserve your place now.


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