Audiofilles presented by Martin Logan

Suite 1204

The Audiofilles are back for a 2nd year, this group of women share the same passion for music and have discovered a new passion for the audio equipments that they want to share with you. Come to listen to their large music selection on their favorite audio system. They have a lot of surprises for you everyday, from live performances to maybe a drink, from Classical music to Heavy Metal with everything in between and of course the great music from Woodstock.

Everyone is welcome to chill with the girls!

I support my Audio Fest

Who hasn’t dreamt of having a brand new system in their home?

For as little as $10, the Audiofest invites you to participate in our raffle for the chance to win one of our four audio systems. 

Not only does the purchase of a ticket give you the chance to win a great sound system, but you also show your support for our non-profit organization.

4 complete systems to be won.





While you visit the show, why not have your little one participate in our music awakening activities. Professional performers and music teachers will entertain them.

All under the supervision of experienced babysitter.


Studio Lounge La VibZ

Montréal 5

Our live acoustic performances are part of our educating program.

Discover this new band, Rose Mountain, they will perform different repertory each time they play during the whole week-end. 

Our intimate lounge will allow you to experiment "Live vs Recorded" performance in the same room and environment. Eitheir in headphones or in hi-end loudspeakers a very unique chance to educate your ears. Don’t miss this!


Bed In presented by Sonotechnique

Suite 1204

To Celebrate the 50th anniversary of John & Yoko's BED-IN, why not make our own version of this event.

Multiple interviews in the bed, and live music, will be broadcast live on Facebook.

St-Laurent 2

I Love the Fab Four

Presented by:  Gerry Dubé

This year mark the 50th anniversary of the last live performance of the Beatles on the roof of Abbey Road studio. Take the time to visit this exhibition of guitars, drum, pictures, posters, books and much more. 

Vinyl Fair presented by Audiolight

St-Laurent 2

For the 3rd year, find the  vinyl that you have been dreaming about.  Sellers are waiting for you with their crates filled with music  treasures.


Photo Booth presented by FiiO

Come to create your own personnal souvenir of the special Woodstock edition of Audio Fest.

FiiO invite you to their Photo Booth for a free picture.


Outremont 3

Many seminars are offered to you -

Admission is FREE, some are in English some in French.

CLICK on the image for full details.


Anne Bisson trio

With Jean-Bertrand Carbou, double bass and Tony Albino, drum

Friday 4pm and 6:30 pm

Saturday 11:30 am and 3pm

Sunday 11:30 am and 1:30pm