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The Audiofilles are back for a 2nd year, this group of women are real Music Lovers and are discovering their passion for the gears that they want to share with you. Come to listen to their music selection on their preferred audio equipments. They have a lot of surprises for you everyday, from live performances to a Petit Punch to drink, from Classical music to Heavy Metal with everything in between and of course the music from Woodstock.

Everyone is welcome to chill with the girls!

Suite 1204

Live Music Lounge

Our live acoustic performances are part of our educating program. Nothing is better to train your ears to hear live instrument in perfect acoustical environment. About 30 live performances from Harp, Classical guitar, Piano, Cello and more will play live in an intimate lounge and then reproduces in headphones and hi-end speakers to help you to fully experience the Live vs Recorded performance in the same room and acoustical environment, a very unique experience. Don’t miss this!

Montréal 5


Outremont 3

Acoustique:                  Comment régler les 3 problèmes de base de toute pièce

                                           Présentateur: Mike Frenette, Louisound

                                           vendredi, samedi et dimanche


Table tournante:          Comment choisir, ajuster et entretenir une table tournante

                                           Présentateur: Thierry Hardi Simonelli, Filtronique SonOr

                                            vendredi, samedi et dimanche


Streaming:                   How to maximise ROON software (Anglais seulement)

                                          Présenté par Roon

                                          Vendredi: 10:00, Samedi: 14:00